Play’s return postponed again following star’s fall

[ad_1] 11 minutes agoBy André Rhoden-Paul, BBC NewsGetty ImagesTheatre show Player Kings has postponed its return for another day as Sir Ian McKellen continues his recovery from falling off stage. The actor, 85, cried out in pain and called for help during Monday's show at the Noël Coward theatre in London.Sir Ian had been performing in a fight scene when he seemed to lose his footing. He was taken to hospital and
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Racegoers arrive for first day of Berkshire event

[ad_1] Racegoers have gathered at the Ascot Racecourse for the first day of the glamorous racing fixture.More than 250,000 racegoers are expected during the week at the Berkshire track.The weather is expected to be warm and dry.The event was founded by Queen Anne in 1711, and has since become as much a social occasion as a sporting event. [ad_2] Source link
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Events cancelled as storm forecast ahead of Scotland’s Euros clash

[ad_1] 24 minutes agoBy Steven Godden, BBC NewsForecast for Scotland vs Switzerland Euros match in CologneA severe weather warning has forced the cancellation of pre-match events ahead of Scotland's next Euro 2024 match in Germany.Both official UEFA fan zones where matches are being shown on big screens are closed. A ferry service connecting the two fan sites on either side of the Rhine river has also stopped running.Heavy rain has been falling

Do Tory plans to save £12bn in welfare payments add up?

[ad_1] The Conservatives are promising to make more cuts to National Insurance if they win the election. Part of the plan to pay for it is a significant reduction in welfare spending.The Tories say they will save £12bn a year from the welfare budget within five years - but Labour say their proposals will save nothing at all.The argument centres on what proposed savings have already been accounted for by
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Citizens group decides fate of heiress’ fortune

[ad_1] A citizens group has decided how the fortune of an Austro-German heiress will be given away.Earlier this year, Marlene Engelhorn set up a group of 50 people to work out how to distribute the millions she inherited from her grandmother.The money will go to 77 organisations, including social and climate groups, as well as prominent left-wing ones.Ms Engelhorn, who is 32, made headlines in January, when she announced she
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Bread and other tax proposals axed amid public outcry

[ad_1] Kenya’s government has scrapped some proposed taxes in this year's controversial finance bill after a public outcry.The announcement by MPs came as police fired tear gas and used water cannon to try to disperse angry protesters in the capital, Nairobi.The parliamentary finance committee has axed what would have been a 16% levy on bread as well as higher taxes on cooking oil and mobile money services.Since coming to office

Labour candidate shocked by ‘divisive’ Tory letter

[ad_1] 2 hours agoBy Ben Wright, Political correspondent • Becky Morton, Political reporterSonia KumarSonia Kumar is an NHS physiotherapistA Labour election candidate has told the BBC she is “disappointed and shocked” by a “divisive” letter sent to British Pakistani voters by her Conservative opponent.In a letter addressed to "the British Pakistani/Kasmiri community in Dudley", Marco Longhi asked: "Will it be me, or Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate Sonia KUMAR?", underlining his rival's name.Critics claimed this was
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Community worker tells court of moments after gunshot

[ad_1] PA MediaJournalist Lyra McKee was 29 when she died after being struck by a bullet while observing rioting in Creggan in April 2019A former Londonderry councillor has told a murder trial how he saw a "perfect, small circle" on Lyra McKee’s temple just moments after hearing a gunshot.Emmet Doyle, now a community activist in Derry, said that prior to the first of a number of shots being fired, he

Parkinson’s blood-test hope for treatment research

[ad_1] 2 hours agoBy Philippa Roxby, Health reporter, BBC NewsGetty ImagesA simple blood test using artificial intelligence to predict Parkinson's disease years before symptoms begin has been developed by researchers.They hope it can lead to a cheap, finger-prick test providing early diagnoses - and help find treatments to slow down the disease.Charity Parkinson's UK said it was "a major step forward" in the search for a non-invasive patient-friendly test. But larger trials

Voters are being taken for fools on the economy

[ad_1] Getty ImagesTowering over the many hundreds of pages of promises, plans, strategies and spreadsheet costings in these general election manifestos is a single word: credibility.One of the big areas where the credibility question has been raised is over taxes. There is an uneasy consensus among the two main parties that the next chancellor will not raise the main rates of income tax, national insurance, VAT or corporation tax.But these